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Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher With Lid and Spout [68 Ounce] Great for Homemade Juice & Iced Tea or for Glass Milk Bottles

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Hiware 64 Ounces Glass Pitcher with Stainless Steel Lid, Water Carafe with Handle, Good Beverage Pitcher for Homemade Juice and Iced Tea

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Hiware 68 Ounces Glass Pitcher with Lid and Spout - High Heat Resistance Stovetop Safe Pitcher for Hot/Cold Water & Iced Tea

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Water Infuser Pitcher & Gourmet Recipe eBook (Emailed) | BPA Free Fruit Infusion Pitcher with Glass Like Appearance and Largest 3+ Liter Capacity for Amazing Spa Water (Clear)

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Luminarc Quadro 2-Liter Glass Pitcher with Lid

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40 Ounces Borosilicate Glass Pitcher with Lid, Water Carafe Jug for Hot/Cold Water, Ice Tea and Juice Beverage

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Hiware 35 Oz Glass Drip-free Carafe with Stainless Steel Silicone Flip-top Lid - Glass Water Pitcher Glass Fridge Carafe Ice Tea Maker

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Glass Pitcher Uten Clear Water Pitcher with Solid Handle+ Anti-overflow V-opening Mouth Pour Premium Refrigerator Pitcher for Juice,Coffee,Ice Cold Water,Hot Water,Tea, etc. [1.5 L , 51.2 Oz]

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