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Windowsill Herb Garden Kit (Cream White) - Metal Planters, 5 Herbs, Soil and Labels

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Grow 5 Herbs From Organic Seeds with Nature’s Blossom's Herb Garden Starter Kit - Thyme, Basil, Cilantro, Parsley & Sage. A Complete Set W/ Everything a Gardener Needs to Grow Culinary Plants indoors

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Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit with Planter Pots, Slate Markers, Fiber Soil, Germination Bags, Basil, Chive and Sage Seeds. Complete and Easy to Grow on Indoor Kitchen Windowsill.

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EasyStart Kitchen Garden Herbs - Organic Herb Kit - Everything you need to start 6 organic kitchen herbs

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Reclaimed Barnwood Planter Box Mini Herb Garden Kit - Grow Cooking Herbs from Seed: Basil, Dill, Thyme, Parsley, Oregano, Cilantro

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Click & Grow Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Garden Kit With 3 Basil Cartridges & White Lid | Self Watering Planter & Patented Nano-Tech Medium For Plant Growth

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Balance Living Herb Seeds Growing Kit - Set of 3 pots and organic soil

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Indoor Herb Garden Kit -Great for Growing an Indoor Herb Garden -100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Includes Everything You Need to Grow a Herb Garden (Cilantro,Basil,Parsley) in a Simple Container

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Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub - Self Watering Passive Hydroponic Planter + Fiber Soil, Keeps Indoor Kitchen Herbs Fresh and Growing for Weeks on Your Home Windowsill. Compact, Attractive and Foolproof.

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